October 15, 2020 Jason Tyree


Jason: OOOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYY! WHOOOOOOO! WE GOT THE KEEEEEEYYYYYYSSSS!!!! The day of promise has finally come! I’m going to hand the phone over in a sec and let my wife finish this post, but let me tell you…everyday I went to the lot and prayed over it. I would say “God, this is your house. We just have our names on the deed.”

This entire process was the smoothest thing we’ve been apart of. I didn’t say perfect, but it was exactly was we wanted and more! And no, they didn’t pay me to say it. In fact, we paid them a looooot of money. ? But in return, we received a great home. The most beautiful thing about it are the connections we made along the way. I want to publicly acknowledge 2 of many very special people during this process:

– Leah (realtor): Leah, Leah, Leah…we first met Leah when my credit score was suspect and I just needed to find a house for rent. She’s was/is a divine connection. A few years later, she helped us buy our first home. Absolutely killed it!! So much so, that it was a no-brainer to hit her up for this transition. With her expertise, professionalism and faith, she helped us sell our house in 48 hours for over asking price and was an extra layer of protection during this building process. So glad she fought for us. Love you Leah!!

– Harry (sales rep): We knew Harry was our guy from day one. We were just drawn to him and knew he would be the “point guard” of this whole process. Harry was absolutely phenomenal! We trusted him and he did not disappoint at all! Thank you Harry for EVERYTHING!

More shoutouts to come!

WE DID IT!!!!! Now, I’ll let my wife take it from here…

LaShona: We are so thankful to be in the position to build not just any home, but our DREAM HOME from the ground up! Like.. whew.. I am tearing up just typing this. I want to speak to those who are at the beginning stages of whatever dream or miracle you’re believing for. One major thing that I learned throughout this entire process is that your faith will outweigh everything. Keep that #crazyfaith in the forefront of your process. That crazy faith will stand firm even when there are bumps in the road. That crazy faith will NOT be moved! So we are passing that faith onto you now… go on and ENJOY your process & document everything. Years down the line, you will look back and be completely amazed at the blessing that fell in your lap. ☺️