August 8, 2020 Jason Tyree

We Made The Local News!

So earlier this year, we made the decision to homeschool Lovéah, instead of enrolling her in kindergarten this upcoming school year. As we searched for a curriculum, we came across Gather ‘Round Homeschool! Gather ‘Round Homeschool is not just a curriculum, it is really an entirely new way to homeschool. Targeted lessons that challenge and inspire curiosity in students and are age/stage appropriate. They have beautiful teachers guides and connecting student pages that teaches subjects like social studies, science, history, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, geography, art, Bible, and more!  (We really love the Bible part).

We checked out the sample package and fell in love with the curriculum. Once we did that, we submitted a notice of intent (NOI) form to the superintendent of our county so we could officially homeschool Lovéah. Once we got the official curriculum, LaShona made a post in her homeschooling Facebook groups. One of the groups is called Homeschooling in Virginia. That group has over 15,000+ members and was created by the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV).

When LaShona made her post in the group, it immediately got a lot of “likes” and gained traction. So much so that the President & Executive Director of HEAV (Anne Miller) reached out to LaShona. She had just finished a phone call with a reporter from WRIC Channel 8 (ABC) News who was looking for someone to interview for a homeschooling segment. I guess you can call it “right place at the right time” because when Anne had to find someone, she immediately thought of LaShona’s post that day.

Once we made the direct connection with reporter Kirk Nawrotzky, he scheduled us a time and place for the interview, and the rest was history. We didn’t know how it was going to turn out because as we were recording, it began to rain cats, dogs, humans, etc. lol. However, it turned out great! We had lots of friends and family spot us on the news before we even knew about it, lol. Such a cool experience. Feel free to check it out below: