August 2, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 04 – The Windows, Pipes, and More!


Welcome to the END of week 04!

we were struggling trying to figure what week we were actually on lol! ? So when you see our tour, just ignore the week I mention.

Anywho, our home may look the same to some, but please believe, there were LOADS of changes done to our home! If you take a closer look, our roof has shingles just resting in a pile. We are praying that the roof would be completed swiftly (but correctly) because of the tropical storm that is approaching. If you look in the garage, there is a big change because the wood that was placed from wall to wall is no longer there! Just wait until you see the inside…

We had the HVAC unit installed, air ducts, plumbing pipes, and windows!

Like we said last Sunday, today we took extra time writing our scriptures on the frames of the house. Our kids thought of 1-2 words & they wrote on the frames in their rooms as well!

Our stairs are up & they look GREAT! It was very exciting to actually walk upstairs today! ☺️

Stay tuned for the end of week 05 next Sunday! ??