August 23, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 07 – Drywall, Siding, and Garage Door!


Hey, hey friends! This has been quite an interesting day to say the least. Since I (LaShona) love doing our pictures the same way each week, we had a bit of a hiccup today. After pulling up to the house and seeing the BEAUTIFUL siding completed on one side, our excitement was cut short for a brief moment.  We noticed there was a red vehicle in our driveway. We put two and two together and realized there was someone working on our home. We were just shocked because it is Sunday and we never see anyone working on a Sunday.  I wanted Jason to check things out before we entered the house just to be sure it was cool for us to go in. Once he returned to our vehicle, he mentioned there was only one man working on the house and we were good to go! But, there was still that hiccup…the man’s vehicle was near the spot we usually take out pictures! This was tough for me because I didn’t want to just switch things up randomly and take our routine picture of the kids on another side of the house. So, I sucked it up and just agreed to take the photo in front of his vehicle.

Once inside, checked out our garage and this week, they installed the garage door! It is so beautiful, but we weren’t able to get a picture of the door when it was closed. Once we got inside, we said hello to the worker and just watched him plaster the kitchen ceiling on stilts. He was moving so fast!

We went around and checked out each room, which was so exciting because our dry wall is UP! Ahh!! Yup, we can’t believe how fast this process is moving as well. We were able to literally imagine our decor and see exactly how big our rooms are! Our kids went in their rooms, took pictures and counted all of their electrical outlets. Everyone has five outlets, which is way more than they’ve ever had!

As you can see from the pictures, we still have the pile of rocks in the driveway. Hopefully out porch will be done soon!

We also showed my parents and our old neighbor our home and they were blown away! Later on, my family took a stroll in the neighborhood just to get a feel for how it is. Everyone we passed were very friendly and we loved that!

We are so sorry this blog post is being posted so late, but like I said, its been quite a day lol! Thanks for visiting out blog and we can’t wait to chat next week!