September 6, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 09 – Porch, Driveway, Stone Veneers, Garage Steps, Tile!

Here we are at yet another home update! We are now at the end of week 9!

Whenever we approach the house, I (LaShona) always record right before we turn the corner. Today, we were so amazed to see ALL of the porch done as well as our driveway, and our beautiful stone veneer! We knew going into this purchase that we would have a slight slope to our driveway, but we also knew it would be NOTHING like our older homes! Those driveways were steep!

Today was the first time we were able to actually walk up our front stairs, walk onto our porch & enter our home through the front door! That moment alone was pretty exciting!

Before we entered the house, we noticed that the garage door was closed. We were able to see how beautiful the garage door looked with the custom accents and windows! And on the inside, we saw the new garage steps! On the outside, they also added the crawl space door.

As we entered the house, we noticed that the second coat of paint was applied to the walls. The old cabinets were still up, but they started removing the knobs, so I’m (Jason) assuming that the switch-out will happen soon. Speaking of switch-out, we noticed (as we were scanning through our earlier pictures from this year) that when we picked our door color, we actually picked a more vibrant (orangish) looking color than Aurora Brown (that we mistakingly signed off on). Hopefully our Sales Rep can make that correction.

We also noticed that they added the barricade to the patio door (since we don’t have a deck or patio yet). Since we purchased our couches, we imagined them in our family/living room! We also purchased our Samsung Family Hub refrigerator on Friday, so we are super excited that things are moving right along! Just in case our loan officer is reading this, we didn’t touch our credit! (That’s a testimony that we gotta add to the “Testimonies” section!)

Upstairs was pretty much the same as downstairs (painted) except…TILE!! We saw the tile work in the laundry room floor, bathroom floors, and shower walls! It looked so good!!

Next update is next Sunday, so talk to you then!

Jay & Shona-