September 13, 2020 Jason Tyree

Week 10 – Columns, Knobs, Outlets and LIGHTS!!!

Here we are…end of Week 10!

A few days ago, we received the exact settlement dates! We have New Home Orientation on 10/13/20 and we close on 10/15/20! Jeremiah will be a teenager on 10/14/20, so that’s 3 milestone days in a row!

Well, we went to the house today and instantly noticed the columns added on the porch! And then the girls recognized that we had doorknobs and a doorbell! Then…when we opened the door…TA DA! Electric!!! It really started to hit home when we saw our home lit up! We love the recess lighting! The craftsmen door knobs really added an extra luxurious feel to all of the doors! Wonderful!

As we looked in the garage, we saw that they delivered the water heater and toilets! Our project manager told us that our cabinets will be replaced this upcoming week (will be delivered by tomorrow). I assume they will be doing a whole lot this week. We also noticed that they started working on two out of the three last lots left in our cul de sac. Our neighborhood is starting to come together!

32 more days!!! AHHHHHH!!!

Stay tuned.