August 9, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 05 – Shingles, Electrical wires, Tubs, Doors and more


We have arrived at the end of week 5️⃣! It felt great walking into our home today! We have seen so many changes since last Sunday.

As soon as we pulled up to the house, the kids yelled out “the roof is up!” and I smiled so big! Jason explained somethings that will be happening to the porch as well as the driveway. As we walked inside the house and looked around, we noticed all electrical wiring were installed! TV blocks were up in the garage, living room, and master bedroom. The master bedroom had our tub installed as well! The patio sliding door, the front and back doors were all in place! We are looking forward to our pre-dry wall meeting that takes place Monday, August 10th!

Stay tuned for more updates and follow more posts on our blog!

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  1. Toni

    Nice! What floor plan is this? I’m sure all of the floor plans Ryan used when we built have been phased out.

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