August 30, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 08 – Cabinets, Doors, Frames, Stair Railings, and Porch prep!


Hello everyone! We could not wait to see the house updates! Today was the end of week 8️⃣ and boy were we surprised when we entered our home!

Our kids went WILD when they walked in through the mud room. They ran in and started screaming lol! It was all captured on video of course. We were able to take this walkthrough with mom Linda & brother Richard. Now, let’s get into all the changes made because I’m sure you would like to know lol!

Let’s start off by talking about what happened on the downstairs level.

We instantly noticed that all of the walls were painted and the doors and door frames were installed! We especially love doors to the study and library/bonus room. After that, we saw the cabinets…however…they were the wrong ones. The brand was right, but it was the wrong color. Jason usually goes to the house everyday, so when he saw them install the cabinets on Friday, he immediately notified our project manager, and he admitted that it was a mistake and he will fix it ASAP! So glad we caught it when we did.

They also installed the railings for the stairs! And they have begun the prep-work for the front porch (hence the pile of rocks gone this week). Seeing the house painted, and siding on the house really hit home for us. We are getting really close now! Also they delivered the stone veneers, so once that’s installed, the outside of the house will be really close to being done. YAY!!! A little bit over a month away now!

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  1. Shaeina capers

    This journey is such a remarkable reminder that God will do JUST what he says HE WILL DO!!! I am so humbled to be able to to see the fruits of your labor, talk about CRAZY FAITH…. WONT HE DO IT! Remember your prayers are not in vein, and this is only a glimpse of the next level that God is preparing you for. I love you guys so much, and thank you for sharing your story. I can’t wait to hear the full TESTimony, with Love Shae.

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