September 27, 2020 LaShona Tyree

Week 12 – CARPET!, Appliances, CORRECT front door color, and more

END OF WEEK 12 (18 days til closing):

Hey friends! Can you believe we are already at the end of week 12?! Like wow! Just wow!  I’m sure you’re so ready to check out all the updates, so let’s just dive right in.

Pulling up to our home  our kids spotted our front door, which was the color we originally wanted. It looked AH-MAZING & even better up close! Our door handle & lock just popped! Jason pointed out that the stones on the front of the house were completed and I thought it looked so lovely.

As we entered the house, we were amazed to find CARPET!! Ahh!! Yup, things are clearly getting real in the Tyree house for sure! Oh, and you know our kids tried to walk on the carpet with their shoes ON?! We stopped them so fast lol! So we were able to walk throughout the house without our shoes on for all the carpeted areas. The carpet was soft and the kids pretty much gave it a thumbs up. The office, family room (aka living room), Lovéah’s homeschool room, the stairs and all (minus bathrooms) the rooms upstairs have carpet!

When I walked toward the kitchen, our water heater was installed in the closet on the left. And… drumroll please…. our oven and microwave was installed! AND I was in for a surprise because Jason said he had them change our oven from a gas stove to an electric one. Now, this was a great call because our kids just learned how to operate an electric stove, so teaching them from scratch with a gas was a no go for me. Our dishwasher was out, but it wasn’t installed so I didn’t take a picture of the front.

Now, heading upstairs, we are waiting for Réinah’s bedroom door to be put up. Jeremiah’s bathroom looked so good! The door to the attic was painted. And our master room looked so beautiful! The tub is pretty much completed & everything is falling in line.

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